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Bending Restrictor Sleeve
BRS are included in the pipeline assembly when the Reeling installation method is used for the purpose of controlling the strain level. Bending is performed in conformance with the project and industry standard requirements.

Design Considerations
The BRS is designed for the moment required to bend the pipe at the chosen strain level or  moment experienced when crossing an obstruction.
The full cylindrical inner collars are designed for compression and tension in bending. The outer half shell collars are designed for tension only by connecting the inner collars and the end sections. Component shown in green is of high strength forged material.
Pipelines installed with the reeling installation method are designed for repeated bending of girth welds and no restraining devise for ovality. Hence the BRS only provide conformance to the strain criteria.

Bending is achieved identically to the function of the BRPJ by closing of the slots preventing further bending and thereafter continues sequentially.
Determining the location of BRS on the pipeline using a long baseline acoustic array is identical to terminating pipelines in a lay down box where an accuracy of
less than 1 meter plus meandering of the pipeline is achieved.
Prefabricated BRS is suspended overboard of the installation vessel with the pipeline fed through it during the unreeling operations. The packer is engaged when the desired location has been determined securing the BRS on the pipeline. 
Final profile if required is achieved by placing weights at required locations with the alternative of including a volume of water in the sag bend. Weights can be left in place for hysteresis reasons.