Bending Restrictor Pipe Joint - BRPJ
      BRPJ is included in the pipeline assembly during the S and J Lay installation methods and are used for the purpose of controlling the strain
level and the ovality during cold bending in conformance with project and industry standards.
      Adjoining pipe sections with increased wall thickness are included to ensure that bending occurs at the BRPJ. The lengths are determined
      by the installation moment and placement accuracy.


      Collars D transfer tension forces to collars B when pipeline elongates in tension
Collars C transfer forces in compression by closing of adjoining slots.
ollars E transfer tension forces by closing of slots when the pipeline elongates in tension.
Annulus between collars C and the pipeline is sufficient to facilitate continuous bending and control of the ovality.
The section modulus of the collars are added to the pipeline when the slots and gaps close resulting in discontinued yielding.
      Components shown in green are of pipeline grade and red of high strength material.
All components are corrosion coated with thermal spray aluminum (TSA).
Length of pipe section subjected to bending depends on the selected bend angle and strain level.


   Prefabricated BRPJ is added to the pipeline on the installation vessel the same as common pipe joints.
   Locating the BRPJ in the pipeline make up is governed by a long baseline acoustic array.
   Accuracy of
±1 meter achievable plus consideration for meandering of the pipeline.
   Moment experienced during the installation induces the bending.
   Final profile if required is achieved by placing weights at locations or including a volume of water in 
  the sag bend.
  Weights are left in place for hysteresis reasons








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