Bending Restrictor Sleeve - BRS
BRS are included in the pipeline assembly when the reeling installation method is used. The design of a pipeline installed by reeling includes considerations for ovality resulting from bending. Hence a BRS only controls the strain level consistent with the bending radius.
- Collars transfer tension forces by closing of slots A.
- Collars transfer compression forces by closing of adjoining gaps C.
- Collar B includes an inflatable packer or friction connection for conveyance to the seabed.
- Annulus between collars and the pipeline accommodates passage of insulation and anodes.
- Component shown in green represents the pipeline and red of high strength material.
- All components corrosion coated with thermal spray aluminum (TSA).


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Design Considerations
The BRS is designed for the moment experienced when providing the support and limitation of strain for the pipeline when crossing an obstruction.
- Determining the location of BRPJ in the pipeline using a long baseline acoustic array is identical to terminating pipelines.
- BRS is suspended at the pipe departure location with the pipeline fed through when unreeling.
- Inflatable packer or spring-loaded friction connection engaged at the required location for conveyance to the seabed.
- Series of assemblies can be interconnected and spaced to fit the profile to be crossed.